And Screw you too!

I came home from being out today with Madeline to find my Macbook, my primary computer these days, with the spinning rainbow “I’m really busy now” icon. It turned out that the whole system was hard locked with this and unresponsive.

I shut it down. Now it won’t boot to the OS. I can hear it seeking but I eventually get the cute icon that means “I can’t find a filesystem to load. Screw you.”

I haven’t backed up my data in about two months, which is bad as I normally do it monthly but with the move (twice), new job, etc. etc. I just hadn’t done it.

The REALLY important things I generally send back and forth in e-mail, like my thesis proposal for school, so I have those with a little digging. I do want to get this data off of my drive as I had a lot of stuff sitting on my desktop, like research articles for my thesis, that I want to keep. The one thing I am completely missing any recent versions of are my photos…

I’ve tried booting the macbook as a firewire target device, which should allow my mac mini (which I am using to write this post) to see the macbook drive as a firewire drive. The idea was that even if I cannot boot, I should be able to get to the disk. No dice. It isn’t read it at all. My next step will be to get a 2.5” SATA enclosure and pull the drive out of the macbook and try to read it independently but I am not confident that I will recover anything.

I need to swap my old RAM back in and go to the Apple store. This macbook was the replacement for the then two week old macbook I bought in Seattle before I moved. Since Applecare is good for a year by default, they will have to fix or replace it but I expect it to be a hard drive replacement and for them to toss the old drive. I am not going to do this before Burning Man this week.