Insert long frantic scream here

I’m pulling together all of my Burning Man gear since I’m packing out at 4:00 AM on Wednesday morning with a coworker’s wife. We’re taking their van out to the playa and I hope to be there before noon. For any that haven’t left yet, I’m in the Temple of All Gods (TAG), which is camping within the Mad Scientists Collective (MSC) at 3:00 and the Esplanade this year.

I think my load is relatively sane. I have three plastic bins. One has food, another has cooking stuff, cleaning stuff, my shower, odds and ends like that, and the third has my clothes and personal belongings. In addition to these, I’ll have mid-size duffle bag with the tent and tarp inside of it, my sleeping bag and thermarest, and three seven gallon water containers.

I still need to find my old glasses (just in case) and a few other little pieces. I hope to take it all over for packing tomorrow night so I can just arrive Wednesday morning and we can go directly.

I’ll leave you with my happiest Burning Man 2001 picture…

P8280010 Ice Cream!