Back from Burning Man 2006

I made it back from Burning Man 2006 last night about midnight.

I had an excellent time at Burning Man this year. I spent a huge amount of time wandering the playa (to the point of developing relatively bad blisters on my feet) taking in the art and the sites.

One special highlight was the series of lectures done by Palenque Norte. I was especially glad to here Erik Davis speak and to get to listen to the question and answers with Sasha and Ann Shulgin. These should be availble as podcasts at some point.

In addition to other activities, I took quite a few photos. These are up on my flickr account as a set for viewing.

One downside of the experience was that there was a certain amount of drama between campmates that left me as the “monkey in the middle” to some degree. I’ve decided that if I attend next year, I will be forming my own camp. Independently of each other, several friends and acquaintances that are Buddhists have turned out to be Burners as well. These individuals have each mentioned in conversation the idea of having a Buddhist theme camp. The idea is to create a good meditation space and provide some meditation instruction as well as some other Buddhist activities. I’m considering running with the idea.

The two times I’ve gone to Burning Man, I’ve been attached to someone else’s camp and not as a core member either. I think it is time to just do my own thing in that regard. I’m going to see about getting a dome and some other structures to this end as well as trying to rope together another six or so people to form the camp. If you’re interested in a Buddhist camp of this nature, please contact me.

I’m sure that I will have more to say about the event later.

Burning Man 2006 - 010