OpenBuddha Camp at Burning Man 2007?

medicine-buddhaI have been pondering Burning Man this last few days since I returned.

I am serious about getting a new theme camp together for next year. I already own (and I want to use the site as the base for the proposed camp as well as other activities I’d like to have there.

The goal of the camp is to have a serious meditation space at Burning Man that can also act as a base for teaching and lectures. Along with having regular times daily for organized meditation and having the space open for drop-in meditation, I’d like to line up a few people to speak/lecture and to have a few larger events during the week. (Having someone go the goma fire ceremony, for example, would be quite cool.)

In order to have a camp like this, there is a certain amount of work involved but it shouldn’t be overwhelming if things are kept somewhat focused on a few events or practices and freeform otherwise. I would need at least six other people, at a guess, to play key roles. This would keep any one person from being overwhelmed and provide the critical mass to have an actual camp of practitioners as a sangha at Burning Man doing this as a project.

If you are actively interested in participating, on any active level, please e-mail me or respond here. You don’t have to be an expert Buddhist. I expect some people to be complete novices just interested in participating and helping with the physical necessities of organizing and running this. I do hope a few people with more experience than me are interested as well.

What do you think?