A Little Desire

Is it too much to ask for a sangha to sit or discuss Buddhism with that doesn’t give me hives?

I’m sorry but I’m not a Vegan. I’m not a Hippie. I’m not a Boomer. I don’t own a hacky sack but I do own my own car. I have a “real” job and don’t drift through life, as much as I might wish I did at times. I’m also not into (some) Lefty political causes or beliefs by default because I’m a Buddhist. My politics are a bit more nuanced than that but then, we’ve all read Hobbes, Locke, Mill, Marx and other political thinkers of history, right?

I don’t speak softly and I’m full of opinions. I don’t mind these things as long as people don’t get worked up about them. Now, I can be relatively personable in public and I don’t feel the same driving need to comment on or correct seeming idiocy as I did in my youth (being 35 now) but that doesn’t mean that I feel like I fit in when I look around at a group of people or listen to their conversation and I feel like handing out soap and discussing a little realpolitik.

One of the things that did keep me away from Buddhist groups for years before I became a Buddhist was, frankly, Buddhists. There seems to be some sort of reality nullification field around the earnest thoughts of so many. I dunno.

I’m glad that I’ve got that off of my chest now.