Long Weekend

This has been a long, not terribly restful, weekend. We’re shipping the key version of the product that I’m working on at work. Once it is public, I’ll blog about it in detail but I worked a couple of 12 to 13 hour days in a row, then worked a good nine hours on Saturday and then worked a bit from home today, including a couple of conference calls (including the CEO of the company in their members), before getting done around 10:00 pm.

Needless to say, this has not left me much time to do any of my school work or to do much outside of home. I missed Aikido today because I was wiped this morning (I slept ten hours last night) and I haven’t been in two weeks because of a combination of illness, work, and being at Burning Man.

I really need to get more done on my thesis prep. I did read Alison Butler’s “Making Magic Modern: Nineteenth-Century Adaptations” on the Golden Dawn. She actually discusses, in passing, the point of my thesis about self-perfection (in her case, through evocation and other technqiues) as being something that the Golden Dawn made core to Western Magic and which had been present only through Neoplatonism previously. Pre-Renaissance magic (and most magic through the 19th century) was about practical ends such as love spells or treasure finding. The Golden Dawn was one of the first groups to make it about spiritual development. A good article.