TV on your PC

I have not written a lot about what I have been working on at my new job at MobiTV for the last couple of months. I generally do not blog about my work because it can be quite tricky to do so. A lot of the projects that I work on are not announced to the public until they are ready to ship or until our partners announce them. It is easier for me not to accidentally say the wrong thing by not talking about work here.

Technically, I’ve been on a couple of projects but I mostly on one larger one. The word on this project is now out officially and it is public (and available). See this USA Today article and another Financial Times article.

It is AT&T Broadband TV. I am the primary QA Engineer for this project so this has been my baby for testing for a while now. Quoting the Financial Times article:

The AT&T Broadband TV service will initially have approximately 20 channels of live and made-for-broadband television content spanning national news, sports, entertainment and full-length music videos.

Actually, there are 24 channels listed on the site right now…

Below is a graphic of the player for the service running footage earlier today of the retrospective of 9-11 on Fox News. I’m quite happy with how the project worked out. It has been fun to work on it and I’ve been able to leverage my previous work on Internet Explorer at Microsoft.

See to check it out in its full glory.

I cannot really answer any greater questions about this project because my role is that of Quality Assurance but I expect there will be more news in the press over the next week.