Different ideas on my thesis

After some study of the Golden Dawn material and academic texts as preparation for my thesis work, I’m wondering if I should change to a more concrete topic than the very loose one on self-cultivation. If I was covering more closely to Thelema (and this is only an example thought), I could do something like “The Role of Babalon in the Theology of Aleister Crowley.” Something like that would then sample The Vision and the Voice and other texts, looking at all of the Babalon related material and then trying to summarize a bit about it. (Actually, that’s not a bad topic…)

I’ve been trying to think of something more concrete within the Golden Dawn. What we have is a selection of group initiation rituals, the Z Papers, training materials for each of the grades, and then the Flying Rolls detailing the official thoughts within the order on various topics. The last are almost more useful than the first. I have a copy of the “Magical Mason” book on Westcott on its way (I found a good deal on it) and a copy of the book on Brodie-Innes and Mathers. I’m wondering if a more narrow, focused thesis could be constructed.

Part of the freedom of this term is that my thesis isn’t official (nor is my bibliography) until it is over. I’m allowed to shift things around. I’m find the “self-cultivation” or “self-deification” angle a bit too abstract. There are definitely things to be said just drawing from the ritual material, papers, and letters by members though…