Aching Bones

R and I went to Aikido this evening. While she’s been more recently, it was the first time I’d been able to go in two and a half or three weeks between my work schedule, Burning Man, being ill and other untimely events (at least once I just felt too wiped to deal with being thrown). I’ve got to make a better habit out of going though with the two of us going together, it is generally easier.

I’m still quite liking the class as I sit here with my sore and bruised frame. The people are good and friendly as well. The sensei is passionate about Aikido but is also not overly concerned with being overly structured in how he does things. This gives the class a certain looseness or playfulness that has been missing at any other dojo that I’ve been a member of in this life time (this would be at least the third since my teen time in Karate and Aikido). People are not overly concerned with rank and I’ve never gotten so much as a whiff of attitude from anyone. It is very disarming in an environment that is, especially for newcomers, very frustrating. Aikido is not easy in any sense nor do it come very naturally to most. Whatever gift I had when younger for being thrown and such seems to have atrophied with disuse. In the long run, it is definitely good that I am going. If only I could get motivated to do yoga as well…

Tomorrow evening I am having coffee with a few local co-masons. It turns out that there is a large lodge in San Francisco as well as one in Oakland. While I am a regular mason (as well as having my OTO connections with esoteric masonry of sorts), I am curious about co-masonry and would like to talk with them. One of the two (a husband and wife) is the head of the San Francisco lodge so she ought to be able to answer questions. I do get the sense, from having spoken to co-masons online, that theirs is a very different sort of masonry and one that is actively attracting people and growing (as well as embracing more esoteric inclinations). This is a far cry from the masonry that I’ve been in, which is clearly dying a death of petrification in the long run.

If I did, for some reason, decide to participate, I’d have to do the honorable thing and resign from all “regular” masonic associations that I have. We’ll see if it comes to that.