Thesis Idea Updates

After reviewing a number of the completed theses for my program, I find that I am being a bit overly ambitious. I’m also finding that in my review of Golden Dawn materials. I need to do something a bit more straightforward. I have the current term to nail down my thesis, submit the abstract and longer outlines of it, lay out my methods and assumptions, and to give my (near) final bibliography.

Right now, I’m thinking along the following lines (and these are very loose thoughts right now):

The first of these is probably more promising as it would cover the Qabalistic soul as understood within the GD (including innovations), its connections to Neoplatonism (lightly), the Sphere of Sensation and the Tree of Life, and how the soul is addressed in ritual. That seems to be a workable 80 page thesis. The last of the ones above would cover much of the same textual material but look at the use of the symbolism of the Fall and Redemption within the Golden Dawn.

Decisions, decisions.