Dragon Boat Races

R and I went to the Dragon Boat Races today. This is an annual event over on Treasure Island, which is technically part of San Francisco. It’s an island in the middle of the Bay Bridge’s length between San Francisco and the East Bay, which contains Oakland.

This is quite an event and there were an estimated 20,000 people there. We watched a few races and then attended the opening ceremony, which had Lion and Dragon Chinese dancing. It also had a Buddhist blessing of the boats by an abbot from a Chan Buddhist monastery in Stockton. I took a few photos, which are now up in a set on Flickr.

Dragon Boat Racing - 42

After this, we went over to Fields Books in the City to get a book on Enlightenment politics and Freemasonry which I had waiting for me. We did a little thrift store shopping as well. We’re on our way to the annual birthday bash for the founders of Six Apart, the blogging company for whom R does QA work. The theme is “Rap and Country” and if you dress up, you get access to the VIP area. I have an Adidas tracksuite, a thug hat and some bling. We’ll see if I pass muster.