Books on Kabbalah

Why does it turn out that the one traditional book on Kabbalah that I don’t own is MacGregor Mathers’ Kabbalah Unveiled?

I actually know why I don’t own it. It was because it was Mathers’ tranlsation of the Latin Kabbalah Denudata by Knorr von Rosenroth, which is, itself, a translation from the Hebrew of the Zohar. Being a 19th century translation of a translation but someone who was not even a true scholar of Latin or Hebrew, I’ve always dismissed its importance.

Unfortunately, since my thesis work now seems to be turning towards the usage of Kabbalah within the Golden Dawn (in the structuring and role of the soul), I find myself needing a copy of this work by the key author of most of the Golden Dawn’s ritual work since it gives his personal viewpoint in its introduction.

Fortunately, it is pretty easy to get a cheap copy of this.