Oakland Victorian

R and I visited a house that was listed for sale by the owner today. He agreed to meet us at 8:00 PM at the place. It’s a restored Victorian (the owner is a real estate investor and has had people working to clean up and restore the place). It’s an 1890’s era house with a large back and front yard and off-street parking.

It is in West Oakland about two miles from where we live. The overall area is ok for Oakland and likely to get better. The main floor has had the hardwood floors restored and they are in the process of putting a new kitchen into the place. There is a new deck out back, a new roof, and the exterior has been sanded and painted. It’s a very nice place. The only things that I did not like about it are that the basement under the house is completely unfinished (dirt floor) and the second floor is a converted attic (which is cool) but the ceilings are slanted enough that R would not necessarily want to walk around there much (she’s a few inches taller than I am). Of course, the main floor has a huge living room with bay windows, a large kitchen with space for a dining room table, and two large bedrooms. All of this with hardwood floors, original molding and lighting fixtures. The place is beautiful.

Here are some pics…

Unless someone else goes for it, we have until this coming Monday to decide if we want it. On Monday, the owner will go through the process of listing it and the price will go up.

One of the other things that we’ve discussed is getting a mixed commercial/living space. We’ve seen a few for sale around. This would allow us to turn the lower portion (front portion or whatever) into a space for work, classes, events, etc.

We’ll see.