Bruce Sterling at CCA

Bruce Sterling - CCA - 1I attended the Bruce Sterling lecture at the California College of the Arts (CCA) last night. I recorded the talk and plan to put a transcript up later as time permits.

The talk was quite good and Bruce spoke about the differences and similarities between Futurism and Design as professions or roles. He also spoke quite a bit about visions of the future as a result of this. I quite liked his bit going on about the drearyness of Sustainability and being Green. Not that they weren’t necessary but that they are necessary in the way that you dread doing something that must be done as opposed to something that you joyously look forward to.

Unbeknownst to me, I also met Rudy Rucker, who is a longstanding writer hero of mine as well. Rudy has blogged about yesterday on his own blog. I was getting coffee before the event and saw Bruce sitting in the cafe with his wife and another fellow. Since I was going to record the talk and had blogged one of his talks before, I wanted to make sure he wouldn’t mind as well as say “Hi” to him. He actually remembered me from the Microsoft talk (asking me if I’d had blue hair then, which I had), probably because I transcribed it the same day and put it online. I spoke to him and the other fellow about some of the tech work I’m doing now (as I clearly wasn’t at Microsoft anymore) and I had no idea that the other guy was Rudy. Wow.

More later…