Roller Derby

R and I went to see the Bay Area Derby Girls tonight. This is a local Roller Derby organization. The San Francisco Shevil Dead were playing against the Oakland Outlaws. R has a coworker who is on the Oakland Outlaws team, which was how we found out about the event.

Wikipedia has an article on Roller Derby and it actually features a photo of the Oakland Outlaws right on the main page. The Bay Area is part of a revival of Roller Derby that is currently occurring. Seattle is another hotspot of activity. For myself, I had vague memory of women on roller skates knocking each other down from childhood TV but that was about it. It’s back and we had a good time knee deep in cheap beer and kitsch.

I took a number of pictures but it is hard to get a sense of the action from them. You can look on Flickr if you’d like. Otherwise, you can take a look at the video I shot with my camera. I shot it in 640 x 480 at 30 frames per second but Youtube samples it down a bit so it isn’t quite a nice there.

See the video at Youtube.