A Vision of Loss

I weep for the nation of our dreams.

Given the level of rhetoric that has floated by during the last few years, I try not to engage in bitching and whining about our government on my blog or engaging in conspiracy theories as I’ve seen so many do. There are no Men In Black out there secretly masterminding things. The “other” side is as incompetant as they seem at times. What they do have is time, patience, money, and, unfortunately, the majority of my fellow citizens on their sides.

My fellow Americans seem quite happy to hand over their rights and the rights of their children in this period. The America of my childhood and the fairy tales in history books has never truly existed as depicted but there has been a core set of values. These are values that I know people of even my grandfather’s era believed in. At some point, we actually did believe in freedom, democracy, and the other guy minding his own fucking business (at least if you were white and male). These days, even that seems gone in the face of the threats of the day, from school shootings to terrorism. We’ve bred a culture of slaves willing to hand it all over to a safe leader in return for seeming safety? (What is the translation of the term commonly used by Germans for Adolph Hitler? I forget…)

I feel powerless in the face of this onslaught. When the members of both parties (and there are only ever two) are willing to sign away fundamental rights in order to maintain proper appearances for election and when we can’t tell truth from propaganda anymore, what hope is there for a republic?

As much as I think we should fight the good fight, I fear we are coming into an era where the minority in this country may need to hunker down and do the right thing quietly and behind the scenes. There is a call to action and our future is not going to come into being by a vote, now mostly symbolic. The question is what actions are necessary and what we can do in the face of a coming surveillance state?

Watch your backs and consider who your friends truly are in coming times.