Hakim Bey Newsflash

This is a newsflash. Though the knowledge is old news to many, some have not heard before now. I say this as a public service announcement and operator of a very longterm Hakim Bey website (http://www.hermetic.com/bey/):

Hakim Bey writes about sex with boys.

Yes, he does. Worse yet, he used to write (maybe still does?) for NAMBLA’s newsletter. NAMBLA is the “North American Man/Boy Love Association.” This is an organization that advocates pedophilia.

Yes, those references to the creamy thighs of young boys in Bey’s writings weren’t a fluke and he’s written poetry and such about it more than once.

This news came out to many in the 90’s but it seems to have bypassed a variety of people. Now you have all gotten the memo.

Now, I heard this and I still maintain the website but then I still find value in Bey’s essays and books. Others may differ on this but let’s avoid devolving to book burning if we can avoid it.

We may now return to other issues in life than the sexual fantasies of a decadent writer.