If I wasn’t planning on being at Disnelyland this Saturday, I’d be going to Tru2Life.

It describes itself as follows:

Why True2Life? True2Life is a unique gathering of industry and government leaders, educators, community service providers and young people. This one-day, special event has been crafted to showcase youth as cultural producers and the Bay Area as a model in linking youth to community and industry change. Who's coming? Digital industry gurus, educators, government, youth, community organizations, artists, animation pioneers, musicians, funders, and futurists. Be part of the discussion—the entire day will be documented by youth production crews and podcasted to 24 million viewers by PodShow!

I’m especially interested in the results of the Shakeup in Cyberspace panel. I’ll be watching the recorded version when it is available.

The event is run by the Bay Area Visual Coalition (BAVC). I’m familiar with them through classes and other training that they offer. They did a presentation at my work on classes that we could take (state funded!) through them. I’ve been looking at some video production and Flash development classes.