Today was a morale event with the QA department (well, most of us) from work today. We drove out somewhere by Walnut Creek, which is inland from the main part of the Bay Area, and went to an outdoor paintball course. Since the place is normally only open for the weekends, it was just the 15 of us that went and a couple of staff members. There we spent roughly four hours running around like idiots shooting paint at each other.

Over the years in my old QA group at Microsoft, a number of us suggested doing paintball always to have it nixed for a variety of reasons. I always figured it would be a good team-building event and I think I was right given the general feelings today.

I must admit that this was the most fun that I’d had in quite some time. I have welts or bruises on a few parts of my bodies but came through it all relatively intact. Being shot with paintballs is not pleasent at close range, which is something people should know before they go to do this (and I did). The teams were mixed up during the day and I think everyone had a lot of fun.

Physically, it completely wiped me out. I’m not entirely sure why other than it was pretty active, we were all hot and we spent hours ducking behind things and running around like monkeys. My lower back and neck actually hurt more than anything else. I’d go again in a heartbeat though.

I was discussing it with R over Chicken and Waffles this evening and I was surprised to find out that she’d like to go do this as well. Because of this, we’re likely to go again. Not the most Buddhist of activities but it was all in good fun and people acted like adults (sort of).

Tomorrow, it is back to work as normal though.