Burnt and this Weekend

R is going out of town this weekend to go to a Babalon Puja down in Santa Monica.

I’m going to be going to the Troma Nagmo empowerment tomorrow night with my friend, Nathan. This is at Orgyen Dorje Den, a local Nyingma center that is in Alameda, about 15 minutes away from me, as it turns out. She is one of the wrathful dakinis and a primary figure in the Dudjom Tersar tradition of practice. The Vajrakilaya empowerment and teachings I received this last year are from the same lineage. Most people who know her are familiar with her from Chod practice, where she is often the primary deity. She’s a Vajrayana form of Kali, among other things.

I’ll probably be attending these teachings during Saturday day as well though it depends on what exactly will be covered.

On Saturday evening, I’m considering going to Burnt at Nimby, an artist space in Oakland. This looks to be a mixed event of music, fire performances, aerial work and something said to be ritual (though I shudder at what that may be here…). If anyone local plans to go or is interested, let me know.