Vacations and Thesis Woe

Let’s do this in reverse order… No update on the thesis proposal questions. I did speak to my mentor this morning (the chair of my thesis committee) but that was simply to make sure he saw that I had sent him a reply as a word document. We didn’t talk about details but his tone, as always, was cheerful and friendly. He said he’d read it this afternoon and reply by e-mail.

In completely different news, I realized that I haven’t said much about my vacation and at least one person (my Buddhist teacher) was unaware that I was going away. Others probably are as well.

R and I are flying to Mexico Friday night. We’ll fly out of SFO and land in Cancun Saturday morning. From there, we will get a car and drive down the coast to Cabañas Copal. We’re staying there Saturday, Sunday, and Monday nights. During the days, we’re going to go see historic places, like Tulum, and a biopreserve. On Tuesday, All Hallow’s Eve, we’re driving to Mérida, the capitol of the Yucatan. We wanted to be there for the Day of the Dead, to explore the city, and to visit other sites. We’re staying as Hotel Casa del Balam for four nights. We’ll go from there on day trips to Chichen Itza and Uxmal, among other places.

I expect that we’ll have a good time. This should be a much easier trip (I hope) than our previous trips to Greece or Thailand. The flights are long to get there (we fly to the East Coast of the U.S. and then south) but Mexico is only next door. We’ve been told that pretty much anything we might need or forget will be available there. I do wonder about language but we’ve never had any issues so far.