Housing Madness

R and I have been involved in the endless search for a house this week.

We really like our loft space but the rent is high and it would be nice to own a home in the longer term.

We saw three houses the other day, including one of the coolest that I’ve seen in a while with lots of odd detail touches. All in an Arts and Crafts house. The problem is that is was two blocks north of the San Leandro border in a sketchy area. (For non-Bay people, it is about five or eight miles due south of where we are and basically in the middle of nowhere for purposes of our commutes and lives.)

We saw a nice three bedroom place near the Oakland/Emeryville border this evening. (I work in Emeryville.) We’re considering making an offer on it but aren’t sure. A new foundation and roof are definite points in its favor though.

Here are some pictures: