Offer on a House

R and I met with our agent early this morning. We signed an offer on the house that we looked at the other day. If things go well, we will hear back before we leave for Mexico tonight.

It is a lot of money, about $100K more than our house sold for in Seattle, but we do want to own our own place here. This one is a nice Arts and Crafts era house with most of the original flooring, ceilings, and woodwork intact. It is a lot smaller than our old place but has a new foundation and roof within the last two years (which is important in the Bay Area, at least the former). It has a nice back porch/deck that you can sit on away from the street.

For me, it is especially nice in my current work as it is about ten blocks from my job. Jobs don’t last forever but this is convenient. We’re less than a mile from the closest BART station as well, which means we’ll have decent access to mass transit into San Francisco.