Coba and now Merida...

We left the east coast of the Yucatan peninsula today. We headed east towards Merida via Coba, another well known ruins site.

We stopped in Coba around noon and wandered around for a couple of hours. The site is quite spread out and we probably should have rented the bicycles that were available. Unlike previous days, it was very hot and humid. In the middle of things, we started getting thunderstorms. I guess that’s that it is a jungle after all.

The site has a relatively small number of buildings. I liked the ball courts used for the game the most. I’ve uploaded the pictures from today to Flickr.

Here are a couple:

Coba - 09 The Ball Court from the Side

Coba - 13 The Ball Court from Above (that is a stone skull in the center) After all of this, we headed west to Merida, the capitol of the Yucatan province. It took quite a bit longer than expected as the old highway is mostly a two lane road and it slows down (and goes over many speed bumps) in every small town or Mayan village along it. We arrived at Merida around sunset and found out hotel without too much difficulty. I'll write about our dinner in another post but, overall, we had a good time today.