Our House in Oakland!

Our offer on the house that I posted about the other day has gone through! This is the Arts and Crafts house with the original floors, box-beam ceiling in the dining room, and the brick front that I wrote about last week.

We made an offer on it before we left town (nice timing but then I was in Wyoming when we were trying to sell our place in Seattle). There was one minor adjustment that required us to find a fax machine and printer here in Mexico but no major issues.

It is being appraised on Wednesday (tomorrow) and inspected on the following Tuesday (November 7). Assuming no more issues are found, it should all go through. California has rather draconian disclosure laws compared to other states and the house has had a $33,000 new foundation and a new roof in the last two years so we don’t expect anything to turn up.

The house is near the joint borders of Emeryville, Oakland, and Berkeley on the Oakland side. That’s too bad as Emeryville has an easier tax burden. It is a little bit off of San Pablo near 67th and a bit under a mile from the Ashby BART station.

The house, as a whole, has about 1,250 sq. ft. in three bedrooms plus a utility room. It has a full dining room and living room along with a fair sized kitchen. We’re going to evaluate the attic, which seems to be large, for a potential conversion as well.