Pantheacon and Contemplation

Some day, when Hell is frosty, I will find out if the panel on contemplation that I submitted for Pantheacon in February has been approved or not. The proposal for this is:

Title: Magic, Paganism, and Contemplation: A Panel Discussion

Description: This panel will discuss the role of contemplation and contemplative practices within magic and Neopaganism. This will be a group discussion with longstanding members of the magical and pagan communities. Please bring your own ideas and questions to this discussion.

The panel members are Sam Webster, Thorn Coyle, Mark Shekoyan, Diana Paxson. If my friend, Denny Sargent, can make it this year, I’d like him to join as well for the Nath contingent.

Unfortunately, things to do with event approval for Pantheacon seem to have had difficulties this fall (such as the entire database of submissions being lost at one point) so I’m not sure when I’ll hear one way or the other.