Industrial and Gothic Music

Now, it is  no surprise to anyone that knows me that my tastes run towards Industrial and Gothic music (since the two seem to often be conjoined twins, never separated but somehow distinct in a theoretical way).

My tastes were formed in the early 90s though they are more diverse than some ex-girlfriends have claimed in moments of great derision. In addition to the typical Front Line Assembly, Assemblage 23, Haujobb, Gary Numen, Collide, and old Cure, I also tend to listen to some synthpop, a bit of Tom Waits and Nick Cave, !Tchkung! (from back in the day), Public Enemy, Johnny Cash, and the occasional Simon and Garfunkel.

All this is most illuminating, I am sure. Before you go to some other poor bloke’s blog post though, let’s get to the point.

In the Bay Area, once upon the time, there were places to go in the East Bay (that’s the part with Oakland and Berkeley for you non-locals) to hear Industrial or Gothic music. I know that the Death Guild used to do parties once a month with music and such. This was the case a number of years back. Unfortunately, since moving here at the beginning of June, all events with music that I want to hear, unless I’m in the mood for Hip Hop, have been in San Francisco.

Now, I don’t necessarily want to go to San Francisco on Saturday nights to hear music if it can be avoided but there seem to be no venues, clubs, etc. for my kind of music locally. If anyone knows otherwise, I’d love to hear about it.