No House for Now

Our purchase of the house has fallen through, it seems. There is $20,000 in necessary foundation work to be done because when they replaced the old foundation, they did nothing to the brick porch that holds up the front of the house. We offered to split this with the current owners after it was called out by our inspector but they’ve gotten pissy about it and are acting like it is unreasonable. They were already annoyed that we only offered the asking price for the house. (They seem to think it is still 2005 where you put a price on a house and then get five offers competing for it that exceed it). This is in addition to a bunch of other things, like replacing the furnace and windows, that we were prepared to do on our own.

As far as we know, no one else has made any offer on the house or a move to do so but they seem to think that there luck will change. We’re going to start looking at other places over the next couple of weeks and just let this one go. Since we paid inspections and appraisals out of pocket, this is annoying but not as bad as it could be.