Thesis Proposal Approved

I spoke to my thesis mentor this morning. I had sent him a revised thesis proposal a bit over a week ago based on his earlier feedback. From our conversation today, he does not require any further changes. He’ll turn in a grade for the one credit proposal “class” that structures doing this work.

This means that I am done with all classwork and my proposal is approved. The head of the program will work with me on getting two additional readers for my committee but I am now clear to begin writing my thesis.

I plan on working on it on some evenings and weekends through February or March (preferably the former) and getting it turned in by the end of Winter. At that point, barring approval issues and the timeline for graduation, I’ll be done with my Master’s degree.

Of course, it is easy to say on the other side of the thesis but I’ve written 15 pages of papers pretty easily on a weekend and this is about 80 pages organized into chapters and by my outline. It should be doable though I expect my revisions will take some time.

A general outline of my thesis is in an earlier post. The revisions since then have been in approach and assumptions, which I don’t discuss in my post.