Why do Apple's USB drivers suck so bad?

Without fail, several times a week, I have to unplug and replug in USB devices to my Macbook. This is because OS X suddenly can’t speak to them anymore or they start acting odd. These are devices directly connected or through a hub.

The special examples of this are my trackball, which loses the ability to use it’s right clicking and the specific file that, when copied to an external hard drive, causes the copy process to stop and lock. You can’t shut it down or eject the drive. You have to physically unplug the drive and hope it doesn’t fry the file system on it.

It’s good that Apple has such an excellent fucking QA department.

This rant was inspired by my repeated attempts to copy over my music files to an external hard drive tonight only to watch it fail as it chokes on various files that my Windows box handles fine… The solution is to zip the files, copy the zip file to the drive via USB, and then unzip. Thanks, Steve.