B. Alan Wallace Interviewed on Salon

B. Alan Wallace is one of my favorite Buddhist teachers who is now working in neuroscience looking at consciousness.

Salon has an interview with him up today. An excerpt is below:

Is that what Buddhism offers -- a rigorous methodology? Yes. I'm not saying we should fuse religion with science. Rather, we should select very specific methodologies from Buddhism and other contemplative traditions where the ability to monitor the mind has been honed over thousands of years -- beginning with the training of attention and then using sophisticated methods for investigating the nature of the mind, feelings and the very nature of consciousness itself during the waking state, the dream state, even during deep sleep. Now, because of the great advances in transportation and communications, we have easy access to the Taoist tradition of China, the Sufi tradition of the Near East, the Buddhist tradition of Tibet and Southeast Asia. I'm convinced this would add much greater depth and breadth to the types of questions that are raised in modern cognitive science.