Meditation and Neuroscience

This was sent out on an e-mail list that I am on with other meditators. This is an article published in July, 2006 on recent research.

Studies of Advanced Stages of Meditation in the Tibetan Buddhist and Vedic Traditions. I: A Comparison of General Changes

Alex Hankey Hethe House, Cowden Edenbridge, Kent TN8 7DZ, UK This article is the first of two comparing findings of studies of advanced practitioners of Tibetan Buddhist meditation in remote regions of the Himalayas, with established results on long-term practitioners of the Transcendental Meditation programs. Many parallel levels of improvement were found, in sensory acuity, perceptual style and cognitive function, indicating stabilization of aspects of attentional awareness. Together with observed increases in EEG coherence and aspects of brain function, such changes are consistent with growth towards a state of total brain functioning, i.e. development of full mental potential. They are usually accompanied by improved health parameters. How they may be seen to be consistent with growth of enlightenment will be the subject of a second article.

The full text is online. Some of the results from this have been reported earlier this year but I had not seen this full article before now.