Fuck Apple

I know, it’s a harsh thing to say but “Fuck Apple.”

I attended Photoshop training today (all day and all day tomorrow too). I came home where I had left my Macbook running. As happened last time, the little swirly rainbow of death was showing (this is the “I’m very busy, you must wait” OS X icon). I’d left a browser open and nothing else.

After waiting and waiting for the rainbow wheel of doom to depart, I finally turned off the laptop without shutting down. When I attempted to reboot, I could hear the hard drive making a whirring noise followed by a click, over and over again, before it gave up the attempt to read my hard disk. Apple disk utilities do not recognize the presence of the disk (nor do they want to give me my install CD back now).

For those that forget, this is exactly what happened a couple of months ago when the hard drive that came with the Macbook died. The little rainbow was running on the desktop when I returned from being away and it would never boot again after a hard shutdown. Obviously, the drive went south while it was running on both occasions. This time, the drive is the 120 GB SATA drive that I bought for myself after the last hard drive failure.

So, I’ve had this laptop for almost seven months. In that seven months, the hard drive has completely hard failed twice. This cannot be blamed on my behavior or treatment of the laptop because it spends 99% of its time sitting on my desk at home. I almost never take it anywhere and I don’t do anything like drop the hard drive from my desk all of the time.

This Macbook is a piece of shit and I’m not giving Apple any more of my money. They’ve gotten enough from me for faulty hardware and frustration. I’m very glad that having learned my lesson from last time, I backed up my data on a regular basis. My external drive has a backup from a week ago and I store most of my data (like my music) on an external drive anyway.

I’m writing this on Kubuntu on my old Intel Mac Mini. (OS X has recently decided that it does not like the grub-based bootloader on this so I may or may not be able to boot OS X on this box.) I will need to figure out how to read my OS X formatted external drives but I ordered a new desktop PC in components last week as a Christmas present to myself so I will have a new computer in the next couple of days anyway.

You know, in more than a decade of running Windows, I lost data a single time ever and only had two hard drives go south. Apple managed to meet the same bar in seven months. I think my new box will dual boot Vista and Linux and that will be it.