Good Computer, Bad Computer

My new computer equipment was delivered to me at work today. Since it is easier to put computers together while surrounded by other computers (for debugging, etc), I stayed late to work on it.

Four hours and a trip to CompUSA later, I have determined that either my new motherboard or my new CPU is fried. I am pretty sure it is the motherboard because the symptom is that I turn on the power, the power runs for a quarter or half second (fans cycle up and lights flash on) and then it all turns off. If it was the CPU, it would try to do a system check and then complain or beep like crazy or something similar.

I thought it was a bad power supply so I got another one at the store (something might have been shorting out and power supply problems are common). Same behavior. I unplugged everything but the RAM and the CPU so I know it is a basic issue.

Tomorrow I get to call Newegg and see about a new motherboard. I’m pretty fried now from beating my head against this (and assembling things with tiny screws in my large hands).

Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be a geek.