Possession is Nine Tenths

I went to the hospital today and picked up the keys to the house.

That deserves a bit of a side story. Our agent called me yesterday explaining that he would not be able to drop off the keys today because he was in the hospital. He had gotten up that morning, felt like he was having a heart attack and called 911. It turns out that his right lung partially collapsed. I guess this happens more often than people think (including to at least one friend of his).

He told me that I could come get them though so I went down during lunch today and hung out with him for a while before getting the keys. He seemed to be in good spirits and he’s definitely a trooper.

R and I went over to the house after work and looked around. It’s our house now. Definitely nicer than the last one in Seattle though at 1250 sq. ft., it is half the size (roughly). I may knock down the decaying garage at some point, which is 1/3 shared with a neighbor, and build an outdoor studio/office space. It would be a good place for ritual work and other quiet activities (or yoga, etc.).

We’re moving in full time on the 16th of this month. I arranged for movers to hall furniture and books then. It is about a mile or so from my work but the commute will probably take as long since, right now, I get on the freeway, drive three miles, and get off. I am considering starting to walk to work or maybe riding my bike. There is a Starbucks at the halfway mark too.

House Redux - 09