Moved In...

The horror is mostly over. We are in our new house. The Irish movers showed up at 8:30 AM on Saturday and it took about 4 1/2 hours to do the move.

I will note that by the time we were done, their lead was complaining about my books (in a generally friendly fashion). He did state that he’d rather move a piano (the presence of which is something that is asked when scheduling is done…).

Right when we were finishing, the cable guy showed up. It turns out that when they redid the foundation of the house, they disconnected the lines from the side of the house to the coax that shows up in the closet of my room and the living room. Nothing was cute but they disconnected them and kept one end under the house and the other outside. After a little drilling, we had cable.

The only weirdness there is that the Internet seems to only work on one of the two cable outlets. Being a geek, I was hoping to put the Internet off of the one in my closet so I could quit using the wireless for my PC and maybe add a server. This is not to be.

I’ve cleared enough space in my room and put some books on shelves so I can now sit at my desk.

One thing we confirmed is that the furnace seems to do nothing. We’ve had a little bit of a cold snap (for Oakland) here so this is not good. I also seem to have a bad cold (the first in a year or two) so I’m not happy about the lack of heat… Priorities next week are to get the people out here to give us an estimate on the new windows and to talk to PG&E about recommendations for getting a new furnace installed.