93 and so long, it has been fun!

I’m quitting the Ordo Templi Orientis (wikipedia). It’s been fun but I don’t see myself taking the fourth degree or continuing an ongoing involvement. At some point, I’ll send official notice in to the order to officially resign.

While I quite enjoy the relationships that I have with members, the degree work, and even the teachings, it isn’t my path. I’m a Buddhist and this isn’t going to be changing. There are certain core concepts to Thelema as envisioned by the OTO and its members that are at odds with being a Vajrayana practitioner. While I have questioned my membership previously, I decided to wait and see instead of rushing to a decision.

Moving to the Bay Area has clinched it pretty clearly. While R and I are friends with individual OTO members, I’ve felt no desire to join any of the local bodies or even make a habit of attending events there. In fact, quite the opposite. Some of this is the neverending politics of the Bay Area OTO bodies but much of it is that I simply feel no reason to attend or become involved. Since it has been six months now, that should be telling.

This has no effect on the websites that I host on Hermetic.com, most of which were up before I ever joined the OTO in the first place. My wife and my mother are still, to my knowledge, continuing in their OTO membership. I haven’t particularly discussed this with them as their paths are not mine.

I continue to study and practice the Dharma and that is the path I see myself following. I began to do so nearly at the same point as my OTO involvement but Buddhism embodies truths that I don’t see within Thelema and which I certainly don’t see being followed by members of most occult organizations, especially the OTO. This isn’t to knock them or the people involved. There are paths and paths out there for people but it is clear that the Dharma is my path, not Thelema.