Unlike many people, I’m returning to work tomorrow and not taking more time off until New Year’s Day. Frankly, I only have a couple of vacation days because of my trip to Mexico and Burning Man this year. I want to save them for a vacation next year or another trip to Ohio.

It was nice to have a four day weekend. R and I mostly stayed at home, since we only moved in a week ago, and unpacked. We did have dinner with her family on Christmas Eve but that was it. Otherwise, it was the marathon of Season 3 of 24 and emptying boxes.

I had lunch with my friend, Mark, today. He’s just returned from a Kundalini Yoga retreat in Florida over the solstice. As someone who practices both Kundalini Yoga, which is largely Sikh oriented, and Thelema, it is always interesting to chat with him about spiritual perspectives. He has a valuable viewpoint.

We also discussed, yet again, whether I am going to go for my PhD in a couple of years or not. No decisions have been made, especially when I’m just now doing my thesis for my Master’s degree. I’m not convinced that the job prospects and the personal fulfillment of spending six to eight years working on a degree (putting me in my mid-40’s when I get it) are more than just stopping with my current degree (or even a second MA) and writing or otherwise working on things. A PhD is a professional degree but when your interests are in Religious Studies and Buddhism (or Western Esotericism), it is not a very employable degree. I also have the misfortune in being interested in an area (Japanese Buddhism) that ideally requires a reading and speaking knowledge of modern Japanese, Classical Japanese, and Classical Chinese. Given that I’ve learned and forgotten Russian and had a year each of German and Latin and I’m in my mid-30’s, I’m not sure I’m set up for success there.

Time will tell…