I’ve been feeling a little odd this week. I’ve had a mild headache off and on combined with a mild sense of dizzyness or physical unsettling when I move. Normally, I have excellent balance. I don’t even get more than mildly dizzy on amusement park rides but when I walk around, I often have a mild version of the feeling that one gets when one is a little out of sorts after a drink or two. I’m not feeling clumsy but like my inner ear is a little out of whack.

I thought it was lack of sleep or something making me very tired and I have felt unusually tired at times but I slept more than eight hours last night and still woke up with it (though it was milder than the night before). I’m wondering if I’m ill with something but I can’t think of anything that would cause these sorts of symptoms.

I’ll have to watch it and see if it gets any better over the next few days.