Almost Set Up

I’ve almost got a room that is empty enough to meditate and practice within. It is sharing the space with my library and my computer but I have enough floorspace in which to work. For more involved ritual, I can use the living room and the fireplace.

Unfortunately, with a house our size and the amount of things and interests we have, I do not currently have the luxury to have a space only ever used for meditation. There is the potential to use the back laundry room, which is accessed only from the back porch but it is unheated and currently full of random boxes and a large futon frame. We shall see.

R and I did the dreaded trip to IKEA this evening and I picked up a tall table to use as my primary altar. I had been using a dresser before but it was a bit awkward and I was not making full use of the drawers. This will allow me to get my altar fully set up for my daily work.

It is an exciting life I lead, isn’t it?

I have tomorrow off from work so I plan on doing some furniture assembly. My illness seems to be more active in my ears. Depending on how I feel tomorrow, I may be calling my medical carrier (I don’t have a doctor here yet) to see an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist and get some medication. I don’t really need to be ill this month (but then who does).

In the next week, I should be informed of who the other two members of my thesis committee are. This will allow me (or force me, take your pick) to go at my thesis full speed. I plan on working on it evenings and weekends for the next three months and getting it done.

After that, I think I need to find a Japanese class in the Bay Area.

As part of the New Year, I’m going back on my “no sugar, low fat, lower carb” eating plan. The free food at work and my sedentary lifestyle caused me to regain the weight I’d lost in the last year over the last six months. I now live about a mile from my gym (which is a block from work) and I need to get in there as well as reliably back in Aikido.