Apple Drops the Ball (surprise!)

I got my Macbook back from Apple last night. This is the one that has destroyed (physically broken) a hard drive once every three months since I got it six months ago (that’s twice, folks).

The people at the store couldn’t tell me what had been done beyond what my receipt said, which was basically “We did some work and replaced the hard drive.” I had to call Apple Care for details. They ran diagnostics on it for a few days, found nothing, and slapped a new hard drive in it. Since they didn’t replace anything else, I expect that this laptop will eat its hard drive in a few months (more since I’m probably not going to use it as much or trust it with any real data now).

This is exactly what I asked them not to do when I brought it in to the store. Personally, regardless of their protests of “Maybe it’s just bad luck or random events”, when a near stationary laptop eats two hard drives in the first six months it is owned, I don’t believe it is random. I had a laptop of various sorts for my work for the last seven years. How many hard drives ever failed me in those? None over the course of four or so laptops and these were ones that I actually would sling under my arm and job across Microsoft campus with to make a meeting.

Apple quality control sucks ass as does “Apple Care.”