R and I are going to the opening night of “GONZO: A Brutal Chrysalis” on Friday.

Gonzo, a Brutal Chrysalis presents the life of Hunter S. Thompson during the critical and catalytic years between 1968 and 1971. Set in the writing den of Thompson's Woody Creek home, the full scope and horror at work in the motivations behind the man--who would become the most widely feared and relentless gonzo patriot of his generation--take life. For anyone who has wondered what on this green Earth could have possibly created the savage and terrible force of nature that was Doctor Gonzo, your answer is at hand. This is an unvarnished and frightfully personal look into a mind so furious that it could have only ended in victory or death, every single time. Fresh from his breakthrough success chronicling--and nearly being beaten to death by--the Hells Angels, Thompson embarks on a one-and-two-man war on the Death of the American Dream. From Big Oil and the Big Three to the NRA and Kentucky Derby, Richard Nixon to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, the usual suspects are strafed and castrated by the Man Who Would Be Raoul. What he could not conquer from without, he co-opted from within by becoming the single greatest and most effective danger that anyone before or since has been to the bipolar establishment that is American politics. Raw. Disturbing. Unflinching. Magnetic. Hypnotic. Startling facts that pick up where other explanations leave off. Perceptions will be fucked. The secret police will send agents and open files on participants just to make sure you all stay compliant little sheep, so be prepared. No children under fifteen will be admitted, period. Producers quietly accept full responsibility for shattered icons and existential conversions. All litigation to be tried in federal district court, San Francisco, CA. Patent pending. Everyone reserves their own right

This ought to be fun! Who couldn’t love a stage play about Hunter S. Thompson?