Quote of the Day

This is from a review of Rudy Rucker’s new novel, “Mathematicians in Love” here.

As with many of Rucker's novels, Mathematicians in Love contains eight zillion different things going on all at the same time, and it's a roller-coaster ride just to maintain the connections sometimes. It makes me think of a time back during the dotcom boom when a UNIX sys-admin once told me that there are more occultists working in the software industry than any other profession, one of the reasons being that object-oriented programming requires the same type of abstract thinking. If that's a crude simplification, so be it, but Rucker's novels seem to tread the same waters. Somehow. In Mathematicians in Love, you've got weighty math, helicopters, time warps, cone shells, punk rock, bat wings, cockroaches, Panther Beach, Sanskrit, hyperdimensional tunnels, Tarot cards and number theory. And that's just in one freakin' chapter. It's so California, you just wanna scream, Yeah! Which was always the best thing about Rucker's novels anyway: You'd find profound high-tech Silicon Valley right amid rock & roll, '60s radicalism, counterculture and the fourth dimension.

Thinking of all of the occultists that I know in IT, this seems pretty spot on to me though I don’t know if the object-oriented programming thing is more than just an excuse. Geeks…