Asian Art Museum in San Francisco

R and I did an outing to San Francisco today, something which we don’t do enough of even though we’ve lived in the Bay Area for almost eight months now.

One of the places we went was the Asian Art Museum. This is a beautiful building near the Civic Center in downtown. It used to be the city library and was converted in 2003 to host the museum. Much of the original architecture is in place.

They had a fairly decent collection of art from all over Asia, especially India and Japan. I was especially surprised to see a full size statue of Fudo Myoo there as well as a scroll of the Gharbadhatu (Taizokai) Mandala. Both are sacred within Tendai and Shingon Buddhism.

I put a full set of pictures that I took (over 100) up on Flickr. Many of these were through glass shielding so please be kind to me.

Here are a few choice ones below:

Fudo image on Armor Fudo on a Breastplate

Vaisravana, the Guardian of the North (one of four guardians of the cardinal directions)

Gandhara Bodhisattva 2
A Gandharan Bodhisattva

Vajradhara (from Tibet)