Whoa! The Protocols of the Elders of Sodom!

Hal Duncan wrote a fabulous entry in response to hate mail he received in response to an earlier entry of his deriding the whole “Homosexual Agenda” meme. The original post rocked the house as it was but his current response just sends me. Check out the excerpt (the hate mail is quoted in italics at the beginning of it):

One of the "many inventions" confronting society today is that homosexuality is normal and acceptable. Fuck normal, David Cocksucker. We don't claim to be normal. We're abnormal, unusual, irrregular, non-standard, atypical, queer. So fucking what, David Cocksucker? It's not like normality is a requirement of acceptability, is it? Is it normal to be a prophet? Or the saviour of humanity, for that matter? Was your beloved Christ normal or did he, perhaps, stand out just an ickle bit from the crowd? A guy who lets himself get nailed to a cross for his beliefs -- that's pretty fucking extraordinary, David Cocksucker, pretty out-of-the-ordinary, pretty atypical, non-standard, irregular, unusual, abnormal. Don't you think it's maybe just a little... queer? When you think about it, your shepherd has more in common, David Cocksucker, with another Shepard, one whose crucifix was a split-rail fence, his Golgotha a hillside in Wyoming, than he has with you and your ilk, you multitude of mediocrities to whom normality is so essential. I'll leave it to you to imagine who we think you have more in common with in that other crucifixion story. Why should we claim to be normal? To you, it seems, this goes hand in hand with being acceptable, an understandable illusion given your abrogation of ethical judgement to the dictates of morality. That's how mores work, after all, imposing prescriptions and proscriptions on behaviour, positioning each act upon some spectrum of acceptability -- required, encouraged, discouraged or forbidden. Incapable of navigating the ethical minefields of everyday life, your only recourse is blind obedience to mores as social norms. To be good, you think, means to follow these mores, to live within these norms. No wonder, then, that you confuse normal and acceptable, you pitiable mockery of a human being, unable even to contemplate that those of us who retain our ethical judgement can apply that judgement to those very mores, those very norms.

Fuck, yeah! Go Hal. This is right on in a world where people still get the shit kicked out of them for being queer.

Oh, by the way, Hal is a wonderful writer and I’m currently reading his novel, Vellum, about angels, the universe, and shit. It’s good.