Egyptian Reference Materials for the Golden Dawn

I have been having a difficult time figuring out which texts on Egypt, Egyptian religion or mythology, or Egyptology in general that the founders of the Golden Dawn, Westcott and Mathers, would have had available to them.

For the Kabbalistic material, it is relatively straightforward with Ginsberg, Franck, Levi’s work, and a few others along with the translations and publications that both Westcott and Mathers did. The same goes for Rosicrucian influences. Given Westcott’s background and his writings within the SRIA and otherwise, as well as his library, I know that he had fair access to both Plato and Neoplatonic works.

I can’t seem to find any solid references through quotations, mentions, or even library holdings of any Egyptian texts. Yet, with all of that, there is clearly a lot of Egyptian material added to the Golden Dawn. We also know from Waite’s description of meeting Mathers on an occasion in the latter’s youth at the British Museum, that Mathers studies the Egyptian materials there.

I need to try to figure out this stuff a bit since I have a chapter or two on the disparate strands of thought that went into the original Golden Dawn’s rituals, papers, and practices.