A Japanese Vacation

My wife and I are planning out our next vacation, at least loosely. This probably won’t occur until sometime in Fall but we try to take a trip together every year.

Last Fall, we went on a short trip to Mexico to see the ruins in the Yucatan and sit on a beach. The year before, we went to Thailand for a couple of weeks.

For this coming year, we’re planning on going to Japan. I’ve always wanted to see it, having grown up with a mother that was a bit of a Nipponophile and watching Kurosawa films. There are a few places that I know that I want to go, such as some of the famous temple sites near Kyoto but I’m pretty open beyond that.

If anyone has any suggestions, especially for someone with a connection to Japanese Buddhism, please feel free to let me know. I’d love to know what people have really enjoyed in visiting Japan.