Interviews and Podcasts

To support a potential book project on modern Gnostic churches and their beliefs in America, I’ve been pondering doing interviews of a bunch of the various Gnostic bishops and priests ranging from the Ordo Temple Orientis’ Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica through Stephen Hoeller’s Ecclesia Gnostica and going through various other leaders along the way.

I figured that interviewing these people and discussing Gnosticism as it exists today and their beliefs and history would make an interesting (and publishable) book project.

Along the way, as I thought about this, I realized that I either personally know or are only a degree of separation away from many many well known Neopagan or alternative spirituality leaders such as Macha Nightmare, Diana Paxson, Thorn Coyle and many others. Mostly within the “fringe” contingent but there are others. I even know a few Buddhist ones here or there. This got me thinking that it might be worthwhile to add these people to the list of others that I wish to interview and to maybe turn it into a limited range podcast.

I’m open to comments and feedback on this idea.

The immediate problems to solve (other than the creation of an eighth day of the week to give me time to do things like this) are:

  1. Hosting: I can't host this stuff on my domains. It would completely kill me on bandwidth like you wouldn't believe.
  2. Equipment: I might need a decent microphone...I dunno.
  3. Audio Quality: I don't like the quality of interviews over the phone as I've generally heard them. Skype is only marginally better at times. If there is any way to improve on that, I'd like to know.

More importantly, I have no training in interviewing outside of knowing whether I’d trust you to test software… I never took any of the anthropological training in interviewing subjects. If anyone has any good recommendations for learning interview methods or techniques, I really would like to hear about them. I don’t think my personality is so charming that I can “fake it ‘til I make it” necessarily.