We had dinner with our friend Sean the Drakemonger last night. Sean quit Apple a bit over a month ago after many years of working for them remote from Seattle. Google up in Redmond gave him a job but mandated that he come down to the Bay Area for orientation.

After two days of being surrounded by his fellow employees, he had to escape to San Francisco, where we met him for dinner. We went out to a nice thai place in SOMA and then to a local bar for a few drinks.

Along with various amusing descriptions of Google and the way things work there (he has to tell them what project he wants to work on and then try to convince the people in charge of it to take him), he confessed that there seems to be a little bit of hazing that goes on at Google. New Google people are called Nooglers for “New Googler.” They are referred to constantly by this term and even eventually receive a propeller beanie at the end of orientation with the term on it:

Noogler Hat

Geekdom has no shame. We spent the rest of the evening making up new Noogler terms (and Sean told me that I wouldn’t get far at the company if I chortled every time the term came up):

All of this much funnier after a few drinks, of course.