WESCOR 2007 Conference

I will be attending the Western Commission for the Study of Religion (WESCOR) conference in Berkeley this weekend. I’ll be there all day on Sunday and I plan to skip out of work for a couple of hours on Monday afternoon to attend the Buddhist Studies panel.

Unfortunately, there are no panels relating to Western Esotericism so it is outside of my immediate academic area. As I’ve mentioned to some people, I’m considering doing a PhD at the Graduate Theological Union in a couple of years. If I did this, the work would focus on Buddhist area, either specifically on Mikkyo ritual or on American Buddhism and Buddhist groups. The Shambhala tradition has been something I’ve considered making an academic study of since it is relatively contained in time and space yet is very obviously an American Buddhist tradition with roots in Tibetan Vajrayana and Japanese Zen via Chogyam Trungpa.

For more information on the conference this weekend, go to their site. The conference schedule is available as well.